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Double Faced Tapes

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Double Faced Tapes

Double Faced Paper Tape

Pressure sensitive paper coated on both sides with a creped release liner, used for mounting printing plates, bonding and splicing. Also can be used as a golf grip tape.
Double Faced Tapes

Double Faced Cloth Tape

Utilizing a specially formulated high tack adhesive system, #704 #PL904 is a durable double faced cloth tape specially designed for carpet installations, industrial holding, molding and splicing applications on irregular surfaces such as fabric, wood, concrete etc.

Physical and performance characteristics shown above are averages obtained from tests recommended by PSRC, ASTM, Government Agencies or Quality Control and Technical Service Department. Individual rolls may vary slightly for these averages.
Double Faced Tapes

Double Coated Clear Polyester Tape

A 1/2 mil polyester film coated on each side with 1.25 mils of an aggressive rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive system.

Primary use

This product is used where a high degree of quick stick and moderate shear values are necessary. Bonds very well to difficult to stick to surfaces. The polyester carrier offers good dimensional stability for die cutting. For laminating to cork, felt, abrasives etc. Useful in splicing general purpose holding applications.

General use

For bonding and laminating to a wide variety of substrates, i.e., plastics, metals, papers, nameplates. Also various types of parts to be machines. Used extensively as a general purpose double face tape.

A.T.G. Tape

An ideal tape for splicing operations or to make any surface self adhesive.

It comes on a 1" core and is to be used with a A.T.G. (Automatic Tape Gun) dispenser. This tape is equivalant to 3M's #924.
Double Faced Tapes

Double Faced Polyethylene Foam Tape

This product is an economical means of mounting and fastening, this eliminating the use of screws and messy adhesives. It provides instant adhesion, resulting in countless applications.

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